Educators stand in a room collaborating on how to use collective leadership for school improvement

3 Takeaways from Learning Forward’s Annual Conference

Building Sustainable Leadership Practices

I Remember, I Believe: One Teacher’s Networking Journey

Leading Improvement, Together: Walker Gamble Elementary and the SC Collective Leadership Initiative

From One Leader to Many Leaders: Stone Creek Elementary and the Transition to Collective Leadership

Personalizing Professional Learning through Micro-credentials: Wake Co. Public School System


Who: Wake County Public School System
When: 2021 – 2023
Where: Raleigh, NC
What: PPL systems design, PPL system pilot implementation, Micro-credential development, MC assessor training


Wake Co. Public School System spent years exploring micro-credentials as a way to personalize professional learning, identify expertise among educators, and develop capacity among instructional assistants and other support professionals. Such a strategy could create the basis of a “grow your own” approach as new teachers and support professionals had opportunities to build their skills and leadership – and could provide incentives to remain in the district. But while district staff had achieved consensus on the approach, they needed a way to turn ideas into action.

Building Collective Leadership from the Central Office

Micro-credentials and Education Policy in the United States: Recognizing Learning and Leadership for Our Nation’s Teachers