Mira Education connects the dots between people and practices – aligning existing resources to guide change within your own unique organization.

Areas of Expertise

Whatever the focus of our work with our partners, we follow the same underlying processes to support successful innovation and improvement. Throughout any partnership, we draw on collective leadership practices to design innovation and improvement work, implement to show impact, and sustain effective changes in practice and systems for the future.

How We Partner with You

  • Design day
  • Fully-supported design processes
  • Micro-credential development process
  • Micro-credential assessor training
  • Personalized leadership coaching
  • Improvement and innovation coaching for teams
  • Impact assessment
  • Storytelling and other retreats
  • Consultancy
  • Workshops

We apply a research-based framework for understanding and impacting the conditions that support improvement, resilience, and leadership growth from an individual school all the way to system-wide and organizational levels.

Through every process we support,
Mira Education shares responsibility with its partners for creating teams and learning communities in which educators in each role engage in the following collective leadership practices…

  • Maximize collective expertise
  • Generate adaptive solutions
  • Network effective practice
  • Own mutual responsibility
  • Analyze collective impact
  • Take strategic action

Partner Viewpoint

See how the University of South Carolina’s College of Education scaled their micro-credentialing program statewide.


How can we help you move forward?