At Mira Education, we connect the dots between people and practices in P20 education to build educator capacity, co-create strategy, and foster a trust-based, transparent culture. Our name embodies our commitment to embracing diverse perspectives in the pursuit of educational excellence and collective leadership. 

What does Mira mean?
We intentionally chose the name Mira Education to highlight the power of diverse perspectives in the decision-making process toward a larger, shared picture. As an organization, we intentionally amplify diversity, equity and inclusion as part of our practice. To highlight this commitment we chose the word “Mira” as a foundational piece of our organizational identity. In Spanish, the word “Mira” translates to “look,” and its similarity to the English word “mirror” emphasizes our focus on reflecting many viewpoints when leading. 

How does Mira Education connect the dots between people and practices?
As a design and implementation partner, we guide organizations using a research-based collective leadership framework.  This approach ensures that all stakeholders are actively involved and have a shared responsibility in driving improvement within their organizations.

What is the role of collective leadership in Mira Education’s approach?
Collective leadership is central both to our work and how we work. Through collective leadership, teams can envision new solutions, strategically connect people and resources, and sustain changes collaboratively.

For more information on how Mira Education can help your organization design and implement collectively led improvement and innovation efforts, contact us.